I wrote and recorded Green in my bedroom studio, 

in the secret hours of the night... 

The hours when mossy, forgotten creatures feel safe to be seen,

Crawling from underneath damp, cold rocks to move freely,

unfettered under the stars.

These songs and their sounds were forged by the nighttime, 

in the glittering shadows of my heart.

They are treasures of great proportion to me,

giving purpose to my grief,  witness to my solitude, 

a friend in the dark.

While all of the God's favorite creatures rested, 

heavy lids cradling sun drenched dreams,

We slithered out and danced under the moonlight.



The biography of CaroMia Tiller reads like an adventure novel, action-packed and thrilling.  From a very young age this introverted free spirit has been making her own rules about what is and is not possible. Raised on the marbled shorelines of Northern Michigan, CaroMia began her life long love affair with sound at the age of 8. A nearly obsessive loyalty to singing, playing and writing music commenced.  

At 17, unseasonably uncomfortable with being comfortable, CaroMia traded her hometown for a small village on the Pampa river of South India to study Carnatic vocals. One foot in front of the other, this led to a formative adventure that spanned nearly two years across India, Southeast Asia, North Africa, busking through Europe, often alone and aglow with her guitar and journal in strange, welcoming, beautiful lands. 

CaroMia returned to the US, earning a degree in vocal performance at McNally Smith College of Music in Saint Paul, MN, and set sights on the bubbling music and art scene of Asheville North Carolina.
After two years singing songs to fireflies, talking to dogs and raising goats on her secluded piece of earth nestled in the blue ridge mountains, CaroMia rejoined the land of man to became a vital member of the creative eco-system of Asheville. “Step out onto the streets of Asheville on any given night and it would not be entirely uncommon for you to walk past one of the city’s seemingly countless music venues to hear a sultry and seductive voice you’d swear you’d only heard dotting the landscape of your dreams.

If you by chance had this experience previously it’s possible that you were either within the midst of an enchanted symphonic reverie or more likely just fortuitous enough to be within earshot of one of the many musical performances of the one and only CaroMia” (-Ask Asheville).

In addition to the ever flowing river of collaborations with WNC bands and artists, CaroMia is the writer and front-woman for Asheville's Indie Soul outfit, Goldie & The Screamers. While live performance is a muscle well flexed, CaroMia's artistic spark shines brightest when writing, recording and producing music at home. In the early stages of the Covid Pandemic of 2020, CaroMia released Green, a brooding, shimmering 6 song vibe born out of heartache and grief.  Now the end of 2020, CaroMia is putting the final touches on a new 10 song album that reflects a more hopeful, settled and easy spirit. Expect a steady flow of fresh material from this prolific artist in years to come, always evolving, always moving... if music is emotion in motion, it's safe to say the ocean will not run dry.